About Janice Mae

Semi-retired from the home care industry, I delved into hand-made crafts: knitting, crocheting, origami, and jewelry making. Then, sometime in 2008, I read an article about children making beads at camp and it sparked my interest. Not only did I find it fascinating, but I also saw it as an opportunity to help school children in the Philippines with supplies, and a way for women to earn a little money.

Paper beading is a very simple craft, and the idea of recycling my many magazines and catalogs into beautiful beads got me very excited. At night (when I usually come alive), I experimented with papers and techniques to create beads and in turn, beautiful jewelry.  It quickly became an obsession that continues today. 

Here at Janice Mae Online, we have a variety of products to feed your passion for paper beads, from basic supplies to ready-to-wear pieces. My jewelry pieces are more than just jewelry...each bead is handcrafted, carrying the story of the woman who made it. 

And for more...stop by our blog or Facebook page to see what we're up to.  Social media is a wonderful way to share ideas and you'll find new tutorials and jewelry designs from our online communities. See how magazines, cereal boxes, bags, and wrapping paper are recycled and transformed! 


-Janice (a.k.a. Paperbeads Princess)