Amazing Base & Vibrance Kit

$ 8.95

Perfect Combination of Base and Glaze. You will get perfect looking paper beads by using the Amazing Base as your preparation coat and Vibrance Glaze as a finish. 

Amazing Base not only based coats your beads, it also hardens/tightens them, makes them waterproof* and provides UV protection (prevent yellowing), all in one non-toxic solution. You can expect super clean bead holes, no bubbles to pop and no build up.

When used with our Vibrance Paper Bead Glaze, your beads will have a glossy finish that you just won't believe! Check out the before and after picture and see for yourself! 

Select 4 oz., 8 oz. or 16 oz. kit.  

*Fully cured beads placed in water for over 20 minutes had no visible damage at all.

Amazing Base Instructions 

Amazing Base & Vibrance Video Tutorial 

Vibrance - How to Glaze Beads (pdf)

Vibrance Paper Glaze (video)